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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why Unwanted Hair?
A. Unwanted hair can be caused by many reasons ranging from hormone changes, physiological, heredity, some medications, or stress.

Q. Does It Hurt?
A. A slight tingling sensation is felt like a pinprick.

Q. How Does Electrolysis Remove Hair?
A. A very fine sterile probe is inserted in the hair follicle and a split second impulse is directed to the hair root to destroy it so the hair cannot regrow.

Q. Is Electrolysis Really Permanent?
A. Yes. Electrolysis is really permanent, when all the hair is treated, the hair will never regrow.

Q. Is Electrolysis Expensive?
A. Rates vary for Electrolysis. A national average would be between $30 and $90 per treatment. When considering cost, take into consideration the cost in dollars and time you will spend on temporary methods, which will continue forever.  

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Electrolysis is not just hair removal. There is, of course, a Psychological component. All patients are stressed about unwanted hair, however each experiences and shows stress differently. Some clients seem unconcerned but others are deeply disturbed and downright obsessive about unwanted hairs.

Hypertrichosis & Hirsuitism are terms used to describe different hair growth conditions.and act as an indicator as to the likely cause of the problem. Dr. Mitchell founded America's first Electrolysis Practice in 1985.

Electrolysis is not Limited to Women only. Men, Trans-Gender & Gay community truly benefit fm this service.

Electrolysis is the oldest and tested method of permanent hair removal. The Golden Standard. Unlike Laser Electrolysis offers Permanent hair removal.

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Why American Electrolysis Studio treatments are so successful

1. More than 20 years of solid experience treating all facial/body areas. Successfully treating the most difficult

2. Computerized Apilus Technology which is a very advanced electrolysis technology which removes the hair effectively,gently and permanently. It has proven itself time again.

3. Using the single use Insulated Ballet Disposable Probes which are top of the line unlike regular probes. These target the root as there is insulation at the base of needle to  prevent the current flowing all over in the follicle.

Also insertion technique is very important in Electrology. vellus/light blond hairs need shallow and dark/coarse hairs need deep insertions otherwise the papilla will not be destroyed. All this comes with a lot of experience.

You can be assured that when you come in for your treatments you are getting Electrolysis Services from an Experienced, Qualified Professional. Your Safety, Confidentiality & Successful treatments are my top priorities. I adhere to the highest standards for sterilization & quality.

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